See’s® Nuts & Chews — Inside the Box

Our unofficial clickable guide to what is "inside the box" for See’s Nuts & Chews. Enjoy!

One pound Nuts & Chews box

Almond Square Almond Square Peanut Square Walnut Square Dark Almonds Dark Almonds Milk Almonds Milk Almonds Milk Peanuts Dark Peanuts Milk Peanuts Scotchmallow Scotchmallow Milk Pattie Peanut Nougat Dark Nougat Rum Nougat Butterchew Butterchew Butterchew Milk Chocolate Caramel (?) Milk Butterchew Milk Butterchew Caramel (with almonds) Milk Walnut

See’s assortments may vary. This box was purchased in El Cerrito, California on May 27, 2006. You also might want to take a look at a larger, non-clickable photo of the assortment, or a complete list of the nuts and chews we found in our box.